Some of the others in the mass of people

In conversation with some men on the streets of Delhi and Bangalore. These men were from across age groups 19- 65 and mostly from a mid income group or low income group. Some were tourist guides, some shop owners, auto rickshaw drivers, student union campaigner.

According to you, what kind of man sexually harasses or 'eve teases' women on the street?

"It's the impulsive type of guy that teases girls"

"It's the youth that eve teases girls on the street. Another person will treat her as his granddaughter or niece. If he calls for her on the street, he will perceive her as a family member".

"The guys who try to act smart are the ones that tease women. I don't know how to be smart or play cool..I am not like them".

"I am telling you. I am from a decent family. I don't do this kind of stuff. I go out to do my work and I come back home straight after that".

"The kind of guy that teases his sister will tease a woman on the street".

"It's the 3rd class or the middle class guy that harasses women".

What attracts you to a woman? what kind of woman? what about her? what do you do then?

" Her figure. Her body. If she has a good figure I am interested in sex, only sex. I am not interested in marriage".

" ...her hairstyle. her removing her hair from her face.."

" She should look fit. Others should find her attractive. Her body- her chest, hips...she should have a flat stomach, other parts of her figure should protrude. She should have nice hips".

" Clothes? I like women in sexy clothes".

" I remember she was wearing a pink colour suit, I remember her hair, I remember her make up, her eyes....I really wanted to approach her. I wanted my eyes to speak to her...and try to approach her".

" I like the simple and sober girls. The girl who wears a simple salwar suit and braids her hair. she should have long hair".

"...I gave her my mobile number and said that your incoming is free and my outgoing is free".

" ...I could sit down on my knees and let her know that she is the most beautiful girl in the world".

" I like foreigner girls".

" I do have a mother and a sister. I dont have a girlfriend or wife. 
   Will you be mine?"

For those of you familiar with how it works in India- the most frequently delivered line to an 'eve teaser' is- ghar mein maa behen nahin hai kya? Don't you have a mother or sister at home?

Credits to Ekta and Rajshekhar from Blank Noise who were instrumental to making this happen.


Mohnish said...

I think men all across the globe are this sick...doesnt surp me ...can blank noise initiate something to amend laws in India...are we that strong yet?
i think public humiliation is one of the best things ...blacken the face and have a placard around his neck saying "i tried to be cool...look at me" there obvio is no fear of law and order in this country correction NO LAWS!
I thought men usually gear up to beat the pervert (ofcourse even that is a show) but what do you do when the mob itself is molesting one girl? In no other country will you see cops fighting with mobs by throwing stones at them...i wonder do they even know how to use the trigger for such assholes?
A lot of ppl will come up and say educate them ...i say castrate them sorry professional hackers are very well educated but criminals nevertheless...
Time to get rid of this BEAST ASAP!

Ajan said...

wonder to whom the questions were put to. If you ask the street mongers and the road side romeos, these are the answers that you get..

and @ Mohnish
I don't think men all across the globe are this sick. Would you say that your dad is also this sick. Don't judge millions by just taking a stupid average or talking to one or two persons

Mohnish said...

Ajan stop with ur juvenile comments about "would you say ur dad is also this sick"
Im a guy too u moron that comment cd have bin directed towards me as well but newaz...
read carefully did i say "all men"?
"I think men all across the globe are this sick" (u expect me to give u an exact figure in a population of 8 billion and counting)simply means there is no city in the world women are safe, prove me wrong in your next post kiddo!
Either ways i have a right to opinion and change it if I feel like it

ask the same questions to your college/school friends most of them will give you the same disgusting replies I can bet on that...just that they'll describe their fantasies in english so they're 'cool' the 'mongers' and 'romeos' are also part of society...u think women dont get harassed in discs, workplace, home? Ask a woman m sure she hates a cheesy pikup in a 5* hotel line as much as "ae chikni" at the bus stop!

Ajan said...

@ Mohnish
Okay Mr.Moron, I'm not going to reply to your silly COMMENT since you have not read and understood it properly/in the right way. Change your opinion however you can like a lawyer. I don't care. Just try to understand the meaning and don't deduce incorrect meanings or point out rubbish from mine or anyone's simple straight opinion.
Agree that you are a good lawyer and commentator by the way.

Mohnish said...