South Ex Subway- NEW DELHI

photos taken by Abhishek Baxi.

Participants include: Priyanka Varma. Annie Zaidi. Nidhi. Saumya Agarwal. Naveena. Abhishek Baxi. Shravya. Mona. Abigail Crisman.


See Bee said...

wah bhai wah
locing the photos being put up here
did not get the drift behind the ekta kapoor mannequins tho...
btw im wearing 2.5 inch heels as i type this

Anonymous said...

Harassment of women in the street is a serious problem.

Why do "some" men harass women who dress (so called) decently?

Why do these men think that women are helpless?

Why men do not harass other men or boys (due to sexual or non-sexual reasons)?

Finally, consider some fashion designer designs dresses (for women) with a weapon (stick or knief) attached to it?

Anonymous said...

You GO Girls!
Its about time someone did something about the disgusting perverts on the streets and trains and buses of Delhi