SOME MORE NOISE- calling volunteers

SOME MORE NOISE - is a sound and performance intervention scheduled for Sept 17th at South Ex Subway, New Delhi

Blank Noise calls for volunteers, both male and female !

To participate please call 98734 85284 immediately!

The show will be put together with the Blank Noise Team, Delhi. Thanking Raj Shekhar for working on the audio interviews.
Supported by Khoj Public Art Residency and Ashoka Foundation


parantap said...

Being a criminologt,i must appreciate the work done by jasmeen.i am really proud of her.if u see the statistics of 2004 of NATIONAL CRIME RECORDS BUREAU,HOME MINISTRY,there u will find 1 molestation case every 15 minutes,1 rape case every 29 minutes.crime against women became a menace day by day.if we want to make a crime free society,we should deal with this problem in a very judicious manner.

Anonymous said...

Congratualations for coming up with this 'night action plan'. I saw it in today's newspaper and it was the item next to another reporting the molestation and beating up of a woman who was travelling with her husband on a two-wheeler at 4 am, who was badly beaten and is in hospital with multiple fractures. It was the work of policemen in a PCR van in Greater Noida who decided that she must be a prostitute. Does it mean prostitutes CAN be beaten and molested by the police? and people out late at night are to be policed in this way?
I would like to join any next 'night action plan' and I think it should be repeated many times in different places.

parantap said...

the said project is really an eye opener.being a researcher in the field of criminal justice system,i should appreciate the noble work done by jasmmen and others.the methodology that has been taken for awareness is praise worthy