Dear Stranger in Delhi

Location: Saket PVR. New Delhi

Participants: Abby Crisman. Sveta Venkatraman. Saumya Agarwal.
Svetha Venkatraman, Melisa, Naveena, Megha Rawat, Shreya

Documentation: video-Takahiro

Most of the participants met for the first time. The group participants dispersed testimonials of 'eve teasing'/ street sexual harassment in the form of letters to people (both men and women) present there- Sometimes the testimonials were read out as well.

The testimonials in the letters were of bloggers who participated in the Blank Noise Blogathon earlier this year. Their posts were addressed to strangers signed off as ‘sincerely, just another girl.” Some posts were re written in Hindi. Thanking all bloggers who participated.

Responses: curiousity- defense- surprise- silence- denial
Some listened. Some argued back

A group of young men who had been given the letters walked up to us and wanted to return them.

Sound byte in brief:

Man1 : “ what is this?”

Man 2: “ why have you given this to us? You should give it to men that are doing this.”

Participant's experiences coming up...

The next meeting is scheduled for sunday at 4 30, south ex 1 and will be followed by a small action. To participate contact me at 98734 85284

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