Suzette Jordan

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Photo from June 2013
Suzette Jordan walked a protest march 
organised by Maitree in Calcutta
Suzette walked reclaiming self pride.
Revealing her identity.
Not my shame. Not my fault.
I Never Ask For It

September 30th. 2016.
The prime accused Khader Khan was arrested in delhi along with his accomplice Ali Khan
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December 12th. 2015.
The government has removed the state public prosecutor Sarbani Roy from her job, because she requested and suggested minimum punishment for the three convicted.
Law Minister Chandrima Bhattacharya said that it was " wrong of Sarbani Roy who was representing the state to seek minimum punishment when they have already been declared guilty by the judge".
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December 11th. 2015.
Sumit Bajaj, Nasir Khan, Ruman Khan have been given the minimum sentence of ten years for gang rape by the Kolkata Sessions Court. The state lawyer Sarbani Roy did not request the maximum sentence. She told the judge that they were not the prime accused.
December 10th. 2015.
The three who went through trial, Sumit Bajaj, Nasir Khan, Ruman Khan have been convicted. Forty five witnesses were examined through the trial.
The sentence will be announced on December 11th, 2015.
Five were accused of gang rape. The two who have been missing are Qadir Khan (main accused) and Ali Khan.

Nasir and Ruman were charged with gangrape. threatening. beating her up.
Sumit Bajaj - was charged for gangrape
Suzette Jordan - Herstory
February 5. 2012
Suzette Jordan is gang raped by five men in a car.

On the night of February 5, Suzette Jordan was at a pub with her friends at Park Hotel, Park Street, Kolkata. Suzette’s friends left the pub over the course of the evening. Suzette had been waiting for a taxi to get back home. A man, Ruman who had befriended her at the bar, offered to drop Suzette home.  Sumit drove a Honda city.

Suzette got in the car.  
Sumit Bajaj and Ruman Khan were in the car.
Sumit Bajaj auto locked the car. Ali, Qadir and Nasir got in the vehicle.
They started to play loud music.
Suzette was gang raped at gunpoint.
Sumit Bajaj age 21
Ruman Khan age 25
Nasir Khan age  
Ali age
Qadir Khan age

February 9. 2012
Suzette goes to the police station to give an FIR
Reporting To Remember . I Never Ask For It.
Two Sub Inspectors of the Park Street Police Station Saikat Neogi and Manish Singh, blamed Suzette Jordan at the station.

Suzette Jordan was instead offered a beer by the two sub inspectors, followed by the comment
"  Just because things didn't go your way, you are accusing people of rape? "

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February 14. 2012
Suzette undergoes medical examination
Details: Suzette Jordan medical examination reports could not confirm rape, but doctors attributed this to the 9 days delay between her assault and her medical check-up.
February 16. 2012
Suzette Jordan tracks down the accused using Facebook
February 18. 2012
Car and CCTV footage among other evidence is examined by Kolkata police
The white Honda Civic belonging to Sumit Bajaj, one of the accused, is sent for a forensic test and the CCTV footage of the nightclub was also sent to the cyber lab.
February 19. 2012
Reporting To Remember.  I Never Ask For It.
Mamata Banerjee accuses Suzette of fabricating the story to malign the government.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had claimed that the incident was “cooked up” to “malign the government”.
Trinamool Congress leader and Sports Minister Madan Mitra said that he not only did he question the morality of the woman but went on to say that the complaint was fabricated to extort money.
He then asked, “She has two children and so far as I know she is separated from her husband. What was she doing at a night club so late in the night?”
At the state secretariat, a government spokesman asked whether Suzette Jordan was involved with an escort service and referred to an old case of cheating against her father.
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February 19th, 2012
Sumit Bajaj, Nasir Ali and Ruman Khan, three accused are arrested .
Qadir Khan ( the main accused ) and Ali  escape from the state. Sources say they have left the country.
The perpetrators had fake identities at Park Hotel's club on February 5 where they had approached Suzettte Jordan.
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February 21. 2012
Two Sub Inspectors of the Park Street Police Station Saikat Neogi and Manish Singh who had blamed Suzette Jordan when she went to the police station are removed from the post.
Suzette Jordan was instead offered a beer by the two sub inspectors, followed by the comment
"  Just because things didn't go your way, you are accusing people of rape? "
It is reported (2015) that Saikat Neogi and Manish Singh are now back and promoted in Kolkata police station.
April . 2012
" Something must have occurred" - Damayanti Sen.

The Joint Commissioner of Kolkata Police Damayanti Sen confirmed the gang rape of Suzette Jordan.  Damayanti Sen confirmed the rape, in an environment where Mamata Banerjee , Chief Minister, Madan Mitra ( MP Trinamool Congress) , Kakoli Ghosh ( MP Trinamool Congress)  were disbelieving and victim blaming Suzette.  
Source Reference 1 , 2
April 4th. 2012
Two days after confirming the gang rape, Damayanti Sen and Jawed Shamim , Joint Commissioner of Police had to rush to the state secretariat and 'clarify' their stand to Mamata Banerjee Chief Minister.
Joint Commissioner of Kolkata Police, Damayanti Sen, leading Suzette Jordan's case  is transferred to Barrackpore . Damayanti Sen is replaced by Joint Commissioner , Pallab Kanti Ghosh.
" More than the probe, my personal life has become important for the media, which I feel very disturbed about. I wanted to clarify this. " - Damayanti Sen

Source reference 1
May 11. 2012
The police submit a charge sheet
The investigators charge the accused persons Sumit Bajaj, Ruman Khan and Nasir Khan under Section 376 (2) (g) of IPC (committing gang rape),Section 506 (criminal intimidation),Section 323 (voluntarily causing hurt) and Section 34 (acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention).
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December 28 . 2012
Reporting To Remember. I Never Ask For It.
Dr Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar, a senior leader of Mamata Banerjee's party, said that the rape, "the incident was a misunderstanding between a woman and her 'client' .”

Dr Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar, a senior leader of Mamata Banerjee's party, said that the Suzette Jordan case was not of case of sexual assault but a misunderstanding during a deal between a woman and her "client". Dr Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar is a member of parliament from the Trinamool Congress party.
February 19. 2013
Charges are framed against three accused. Two are missing.
The court framed charges of gang rape, criminal conspiracy and criminal intimidation against three of the accused namely Ruman Khan alias Tussie, Nasir Khan and Sumit Bajaj.

March 3. 2013
In camera trial of the case starts in Kolkata Sessions court .
Madhuchanda Bose, the judge of the fast track court, explained the decision of holding the trial in camera saying the incident was sensitive. The next hearing will take place on March 13-14.

13 and 14 March. 2013
Second trial hearing in sessions court Kolkata.
May 20th. 2013
Suzette has a job with a counselling centre.
After months of being discriminated and further stigmatised , Suzette has a job.  Suzette begins to work with women who have experienced sexual violence and trauma. Suzette initiates a support group.
June 22nd. 2013
Not My Shame. Not My Fault. I Never Ask For It.
Suzette Jordan " I am Suzette Jordan, not just ' The Park Street Rape Victim".
Not My Shame. Not My Fault. I Never Ask For It.
" I am Suzette Jordan, not just ' The Park Street Rape Victim".

" Why should I hide my face when it wasn't my fault? "

"I am tired of hiding my real identity. I am tired of this society's rules and regulations. I am tired of being made to feel ashamed. I am tired of feeling scared because I have been raped. Enough is enough!", Suzette to BBC

"I was made to feel like I was the one responsible for the assault. Because I had come out of the nightclub [with a man], I was made to feel that I invited rape."
"But I am trying. I am forcing myself to get over the fear. I can't stop living because I am a rape victim."
Don't distort my voice, don't blur my picture," - Suzette Jordan to  journalists.
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July 26. 2014
Film on the Suzette Jordan case is cleared for screening

A film based on the Park Street rape case, blocked by the censor board, has been given the go-ahead by the Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT) under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, its producer said Friday. The 107-minute Bengali film directed by Partha Mukherjee and produced by Debjani Roy was 'banned' from being screened by the regional office of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) on grounds that Kolkata's Raj-era Park Street was shown in 'poor light' in the context of the rape incident.

September 15 . 2014
Suzette Jordan is referred to as the " Park Street Rape Victim" and refused entry into Ginger, a restaurant in Kolkata.
Suzette Jordan and a friend are out . Suzette visits Ginger Restaurant and is denied entry.  The restaurant manager is questioned. He refers to Suzette as to as a "trouble maker" and " attention seeking ". Ginger authorities goes on to say that " she had an outstanding bill",  " was drunk and making a commotion".

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Sept 19th.2014
Protest in solidarity with Suzette Jordan
Blank Noise initiates a protest action in Kolkata after Suzette is denied entry to Ginger restaurant. Link
Blank Noise Action Heroes and Kolkata activists including Ratnaboli Ray, Anuradha Kapoor stand in solidarity with Suzette. #‎StandWithSuzette‬ #INeverAskForIt

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March 13th. 2015
Suzette Jordan died after contracting Meningitis
source bbc , The Hindu

Remembering Suzette Jordan / tributes

Case lawyer: Anirvan Guhathakurta
Public Prosecutor until December 11th, 2015 : Sarbani Roy
Judge : Chiranjib Bhattacharya

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Suzette Jordan at Satyamev Jayate

News media time line research prepared by Vira Mistry.
Inputs and contribution by Nicqui Jordan, Suzette's sister.
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