Meet To Sleep Pune

Action Heroes 
Ameya Gutta and Sayali Patwardhan 
Meet To Sleep
Lakaki Lake - Model Colony

" I was open and excited about doing meet to sleep. I didn't have any preconceived notions. I only images I had of it were the photos of other action heroes napping in Bangalore parks. I was eager to be able to actually nap. And of course I was eager to meet the other Action Hero, Ameya. I discovered that the park we went to was overall safe and friendly; and after seeing this I began wondering whether we should have gone instead to a lesser friendly, more unsafe park; but then I told myself: hey! this is the first time we are doing this, and there are so many things we learn along the way. So its fine. From this experience, we will know what to do differently next time and how!

Regarding sleeping itself, I had no problems with it at all, except for one technical problem: the place where I was lying down was a bench, and because it was narrow, there wasn't enough space to lay my hands on either side of me; so the sleeping position was not very comfortable. Now that I think back on this, I wonder why I did not change the spot! That is the obvious question that comes to mind! However, at that point in time, I just did not think of this possibility! I decided that I would stay put right there where I was... " - Sayali Patwardhan

"This was my first 'Meet to Sleep' event . We had a fruitful discussion on our relationship with public space and cities . It was a preparatory experience for the next 'Meet to Sleep' event." - Ameya Gutta

photography: Ameya Gutta

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