#SafeCityPledge #HahahaSangha

Pledge to occupy space. To Laugh out Loud. #HahahaSangha #SafeCityPledge

Team: Yelahanka Action Heroes ( Blank Noise locality specific initiative )
Video edit : Rahul Singh
Thank you- Srishti School of Art Design and Technology/ citizens of Yelahanka, Bangalore + Yelahanka Action Heroes

HaHaHa Sangha is a pledge to occupy public spaces and laugh out loud.
It is built on the existing idea of a laughter club. This is the first time we've initiated setting up an all women space, not because we support or promote segregation, but
because this was a genuine attempt to set new rules for public behaviour through collective action. Being fearless is a process. Learning to unlearn warnings. To stretch. Laugh. Relax. #ActionHeroes reported feeling happy through the day too.

You can start a Hahaha Sangha in your locality. Drop in an email at blurtblanknoise at gmail dot com.

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