Blank Noise - Tokyo? Street sexual harassment/ Chikan in Japan

Event: Action Hero Game (crash course)
Location: Akihabara Tokyo, 3331 Arts via Dislocate
Date: 9/10/2010

Participants describe what they felt when they experienced the game.

Game Introduction:
*Blank Noise Action Hero Game
Duration- 2 hours

Task 1: each participant AKA ACTION HERO is asked to select a location unfamiliar to him/ her in Akihabara- Tokyo. The Action Hero goes to that site and gets instructions for 6 tasks. The tasks themselves are a 'secret' - they range from observing/ imagining/ to taking action in the form of having a conversation with a stranger. What choices do the action heroes make? What 'action hero' moment has each of them experienced? more photos on facebook

Action Hero Pila
Action Hero Ryo

We're in Japan!

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