birthday wish

Dear Blank Noise
(members, readers, volunteers, core team, well wishers, every body!)

We are 6 years old this August 15th!

On our birthday we request you to send us a thought, a wish , a suggestion, a question or even a promise.

Happy Birthday to all of you!

Blank Noise Team

e: blurtblanknoise at gmail dot com


Vivek said...

here's wishing a very very happy birthday...i wish it keeps on celebrating more and more birthdays.when it comes to thought a smile come to my face that i have learnt a lot from it. i hav eno suggestion right now.. nor even a question..but yes i have a promise to make of doing regular activities and events in jaipur from last week of august 2009 and starting blank noise jaipur chapter(my dream)

ani_aset said...

Happy birthday to all

I wrote this yesterday...seems very apt to me


bn girl said...

thanks ani aset. apt indeed.

bn girl said...

vivek. we sure hope that the jaipur chapter kickstarts and resonates with people in the city. happy birthday to you too!

Neeru said...

Thanks for making me know that I am not alone and that I have a right to do whatever I wish with my head held high, always!

a heartfelt thanks :)

and very happy birthday! :)

Monica said...

happy birthday, bnp. in your many coming years, make a lot of noise.

maya said...


little boxes said...

Happy Birthday...and thank you for making us realise that it's more than just "okay" to raise a voice :)

Narinder Pal Singh said...

In a passage of 6 years, Blank Noise has achieved in making a big sound.

Awareness to the daily crimes that most of us commit directly /indirectly, knowingly /unknowingly against women, have been brought to light.

Women are getting motivated to fight harrassment being encountered on the streets, home, their work place...... .

Good Work.

Indyeah said...

Congratulations! This is an amazing place here to share so much and think even more about so many things.

But most of all the fact that you DO stuff..that you walk the talk..thats what makes me say here's to many more years !

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to a truly unique group of individuals who have raised the awareness levels of so many worldwide. May you all raise the level of your Noise to new proportions !

Ramya said...

A very Happy Birthday BlankNoise.I am very proud of u all for bringing in a different attitude towards handling 'Street Sexual Harassment' by breaking the common myths which people had in their minds.You have been very innovative and that made you people achieve more and create a space on ur own.Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Hey friends ...this time take the whole responsibility on your own shoulders ....teach them a lesson who feel eve teasing is a priority......if u dont have support the whole blank noise will come 2 u after complaining let us show our background 2 them

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to whole Blank Noise Team!

Those who are fired with an enthusiastic idea and who allow it to take hold and dominate their thoughts find that new worlds open for them. As long as enthusiasm holds out, so will new opportunities.
By Norman Vincent Peale

from Arti

bn said...

thanks Arti! Sudheendhra! Ramya! Virtual Poona! Indyeah! Monica!Thank you for your support and engagement through the years. you built what we have here. thanks for making the noise. happy birthday to you too!

Vinay Sreenivasa said...

Dear Blank Noise,

Congrats and all the best! You're one of the few organizations working to make sure people clearly understand that 'eve-teasing' is sexual harassment, and are making efforts to reach across to women and men.

Your work is really creative and that also inspires the rest of us who are working to acheive some change.

Great job! Wishing to see you guys do a lot more and reach out to more people!

Please also see if you can get some basic content out in regional languages as well, to reach many more people.


Anonymous said...

Many Many Happy Returns of the day.I want to suggest you to make the site more responsive.

Shailey said...

Hi Blank Noise Team,
Wishing u a lot for the Birthday. Thats really great......... Hope for the much more better in the Future......... Bye Great Day.........


hi there anon! thanks for the suggestion :)

thanks shailey!

Douglas Park Kun said...

After seeing first hand what happened/s on the streets of Mumbai to a girl just feet from me it was inspiring to find such a group on here.
Im moving back to india soon, from korea, and Icant wait to get there as I miss it every day.
With Love.

Happy 6th BN. x

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. This is my first comment, though I follow your blog quite often... You are doing a great job, but it's a long road ahead. All the very best in your endeavours.

Kings Chaos said...

Well, Congratulations! In a complex society that is made up in India, throwing light on issues pertaining to Women and the problems that they face. And more importantly which has been totally neglected or sadly understood by the most general population including Men,in a male dominated society,where every blame squarely lands up on the women. This attitude has to change,then only whole nation will prosper.

BN is doing a great job,hope this will continue untiringly.Thank you for the yeo(wo)man service for the good cause!

For India! For Us!

Jai Hind!


Abhishek Baxi said...

We are SIX! Of working to establish street sexual harassment as an issue.

I've admired it from outside, sweated from inside, and overwhelmed. Miles to go before we sleep...

Happy Birthday!

Nabila Zehra Zaidi said...


Wishing BN a long life with no difficulties struggle and lots of success and freedom! :D

And I wish... BN is able to make that difference that Walking on the street without a single pair of Strangers' eyes on you is possible! :)



Wonderwall said...

To a happier tomorrow. Kismet

Anirvan said...

Happy 6th! Looking forward to seeing Blank Noise offer richer tools for members to plan and organize events together online, and continue the expansion to smaller cities and colleges.