Action Heroes (source NDTV)

An incident of alleged molestation in Assam's Halflong town would have passed unnoticed, but for a girl who decided to take on an entire group of army personnel.

Thanks Maya Kovskaya, Jenelle Eli for sending us the link.

Got a story on how you dealt with street sexual harassment? Share it here. At Blank Noise we do not prescribe or suggest a formulaic response to street sexual harassment. We gather and archive your stories/ your testimonials and learn from your experience. We do not suggest you apply one person's reaction to your experience; but instead the Action Heroes blog focusses on how common and everyday these experiences are; and that it is important to respond, be pro active towards the issue rather than simply ignore it.

We also invite you to look at dealing with street sexual harassment in ways that do not necessarily always need aggression but sometimes wit? humour? a non defense approach perhaps?
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Chaitanyak said...


chitra said...

gud job! really commendable
I am already a fan of this woman and her courage.

Feminist Review said...

So brilliant that I had to share the story!

r said...

He didn't expect Davidina to start throwning stones. And look at all those fools standing around yelling maro maro. Worms.