[Delhi. Bombay. Calcutta. Bangalore. Lucknow. Hyderabad. Chennai. Vizag. Chandigarh. Nagpur. Ahmedabad. Jodhpur. Jaipur]

The Blank Noise Core Team will have to :
1. meet a minimum of once in 2 weeks
2. work towards a street event a minimum of once in 1.5 months
3. report to the BN city mailing list about current BN events undertaken
4. specify and list involvement
5. be involved for 2 months minimum following which a new core team could be elected.
6. respond to emails / email groups/ facebook
7. participate in existing ongoing projects and campaigns
8. propose Bombay specific ideas + also make connections with BN ideas / events in other cities
9. submit a weekly working report.

You can apply by filling this form here. Don't forget to put your contact details.

Your application will be followed by a telephone/ skype interview.
For any queries call us at 98868 40612 or email us at blurtblanknoise @ gmail dot com

The BN city core teams will be announced on the 7th of August and will remain so until the 7th of October -following which a fresh round of applications will be announced. Core team memberships can also be renewed based on the projects the individual has taken.

We look forward to hearing from you.

In spirit
Blank Noise Team


But I already am an eager volunteer!
That's great and if you wish you could renew your volunteering status and be part of the core team.

I want to be part of the core team but don't know what skills I have to offer?

It's okay to not know what exactly you can do right away. We would like you to apply
because you are concerned, driven and committed towards addressing the issue of street sexual harassment.
You could be a good conversationalist, a musician, a programmer, a home maker, an accountant- anyone really.
We truly believe that every person can contribute in more ways than one. The 'how' is something that sometimes one arrives at after getting hands dirty!

I have another job / I am at college but not sure of the time- can I still volunteer?
We expect time and energy from your end. Volunteers have managed to take time off despite other work.
Ofcourse you can volunteer but we do expect your time and your attention for a couple of hours every week.

I am a guy. How can I get involved?
BN members are both male and female. Men have always been part of BN.
Street sexual harassment is also a male issue as much as it is female because it concerns male attitudes. Have you been here yet?

How many people can form the core bn delhi team at a time?
A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 7. We think 5 would be a good number!

I live in "eg: aligarh" and my town has not been listed for BN activites- can I still apply?
Yes you can. We need a minimum of 2 people to form the core team. It could be you and a friend.

Does this mean that the rest of us don't volunteer in that time?
No. It means that you are not held accountable in the same way as the BN core team is. It means that if you are volunteering you would have to report to the BN core team and update them.

My aunt/ uncle/ grandmother/ domestic help/ are interested but they don't use the internet- can they get involved?
Of course! But since most of our communication happens online- they might have to update the rest of us through you!

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durgagawde said...

My name is Durga. I am a sculpture student in The Rhode Island school of design. I am in Bombay from today till mid July. Then I will be back in Bombay for three weeks in August. I want to get involved with blank noise in whatever way possible. Please let me know how.