Blank Noise Action Heroes: Share your story of resistance

(ongoing project)

http://blanknoiseactionheroes.blogspot.com archives your testimonials of resistance.

Tell us how you dealt with street sexual harassment. How did you fight back?

Tell us if you know of someone else who had the presence of mind to flip the situation around.
Was it funny? empowering? inspiring? normal? an everyday mastered technique?

Men/boys are encouraged to participate by sharing what they witnessed or heard!
Share the Action Hero experience right here.

You may find this submission form useful to submit your story or you could even email us your story at blurtblanknoise@gmail.com- subject titled Action Hero Online.

An Action Hero is a woman who has dealt with street sexual harassment/ violence/ 'eve teasing' by confronting and challenging it.

Stories sent in do not have to be 'original', they could be tried tested and successful ideas. The emphasis is on how your reaction made you feel like an Action Hero. If you are sending in someone else's story, it could be an account of how it 'wowed' you.

We ask you to extend this by initiating conversations with people around you. We ask you to take this idea to a non blogging audience- for instance - have a conversation with your bai/ 'domestic help', or the stranger in a bus, or the fruit vendor, or your grandma, any one could be willing to share. Everyone has atleast 1 Action Hero story.

Be fearless. Be an Action Hero. Share your story, now.

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