On April 13th, 2007, Max Mueller Bhavan will host the first public exhibition of Blank Noise. The exhibition will present a documentation of the project through a multi-media arts installation using photographs, sound and video. It will be centred around the debates of looking and the gaze, and of modesty. The exhibit, Mind the Gap explores personal boundaries and forms of control as practiced in changing urban India.The exhibition proposes to bring forth and challenge common attitudes towards women and street sexual harassment.

We thankyou for supporting us and making this exhibition possible. The exhibition opens on the 13th evening at 7 00 pm and is on for an entire week (14th- 21st) from 3 pm to 8 pm.

Visitors will be participants in the true BNP way! Pls bring along a garment to donate, discard so that it can add to our collective stand ' THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ASKING FOR IT.' The clothes project concludes the second we build a 1000 testimonials in the form of garments. For those of you in Bangalore, please bring a garment you were wearing when you were 'eve teased'/ sexually violated on the street.

Through the week we will also have street actions, and performances. Stay tuned to sign up and we'll keep you posted!

We start the show at Max Mueller Bhavan with a street intervention on CMH road itself. This action will be repeated thrice in different garments/ stereotypes.

All those interested in participating, call NOW. 98868 40612

Max Mueller Bhavan is on CMH Road. Bangalore. See you there!


Canary said...

Lemme try n spread the word around :)

Anonymous said...

you know, maybe this is just a phase,you know. you will grow out of it. get married. have kids. And then look back upon it and just have a laugh at how naive you were and its good that nobody took you seriously. :)

Anonymous said...

why dont u grow up for a change?
since you seem to need that more than poeple at blank noise...they are happy with what they are doing, and making a difference too AND YES poeple ARE taking us seriously only you seem to be insecure about them being taken seriously!...on your wisdom on marriage and kids, well...please mind your business

Anonymous said...

Some of us are already married with kids, beta.