Good press is good press. Bad press is really bad

I enjoyed watching Rang De Basanti. It was entertaining, had a kind of spirit to it that touched many people.
A couple of months later DNA reported that the Blank Noise Project ‘started’ as an off shoot of Rang De Basanti?

Anyways…the Blank Noise Team laughed it off…it was not hurting us anyway.

What got to all of us here was a report by IANS about the Blank Noise Project’s Night Action Plan. Chinmayee, Knownturf and Hemangini defend it.

We are grateful to be supported by the press in so many ways. The project has reached people beyond the blogosphere, thereby widening our base of participants who go on to become the Blank Noise Action Heroes.

1. Blank Noise is also focusing on how to say instead of making everything a slogan. What is the message? What is the strategy we are adopting to communicate?

2. Blank Noise has worked through performance, thereby creating an experiential realm. For us, a headcount of 5000 is not as important as the ability to build an experience, depending on the strategy adopted. A night ‘march’ is different from a Night Action Plan, Blank Noise is currently engaged in the latter.

Blank Noise Project is not as much about action reaction but about probing, delving, experiencing, empowering and translating.


The Blank Noise Team


See Bee said...

i guess it will take a very long time for men n women to realise that a woman deserves respect..regardles fo what she is wearing

the only reason i can imagine the ians report being written that way is cos the natural assumption is "if ur out on the strets wearing skimpy clothes...you must be
a) a hooker
b) models doing a photo shoot

how can we fight this? especially point a)

Anonymous said...

i think the hooker assumption is more of an excuse/justification.
Firstly so what if people think we 'action heroes' are hookers- does that mean people can feel us up/lech/stare at us, isn't it based on the assumption that they can behave this way with hookers?

Also a hookers body language,way of dressing etc is very very different from the people who participate in the Blanknoise interventions.

Models doing a photo shoot... isn't this assumption telling.. that the only time women can wear what they want and hang out is for a 'photoshoot' that no woman would ordinarily behave like this. Ya but it is a problem we faced in bangalore too..