Intervention in Delhi - Oct 8!

Let's meet up this Sunday in Connaught Place. Meet at Barista, N-Block CP (Outer Circle) at 4:30 PM.

Pallika and CP are just screaming for intervention!!! Email that you are coming so we know how many people to wait for!

Email is: bnpdelhi@googlegroups.com


  1. Melissa6:46 pm

    I'll be there.

  2. hey guys...u been doing a neat job. keep it up!!!
    i was just orkutting a while back when i wondered if it were not a bad idea if u ppl could start a community in orkut....i am sure it would bring in a tad more awareness and more volunteers for the events....just a thought....wat do u think?

  3. we have 3 orkut communities

  4. Hi There

    I just wanted to say what you're doing is fantastic!

    Three of us (my husband, best friend and I) travelled in the North of India in May 2005. We were quite frankly shocked by the levels of staring and hissing. As tourists you expect to be stared at to a certain degree, but the hostile stares we received off groups of young males made my friend and I very uncomfortable. My friend was also groped in one town.

    Thankfully, my husband was with us and would tell the men where to go, but it soured what was otherwise a really fantastic journey and I would definitely not travel to India unless my husband was with me (only the second country I've been to that I would consider this).

    It was particularly frustrating as the majority of Indian people were fantastic and I had so many great conversations. Indian people love a chat - especially about cricket!

    So, good luck with everything, I'll be watching your blog with interest.

    Your Aussie sister

  5. Anonymous3:23 pm


  6. Barnita Biswas11:38 pm

    This was kick ass - just came across an article in the Scotsmanabout this - AWESOME!

  7. Anonymous12:20 am

    I just wanted to congratulate you on taking back the night. I participated for the first time in a march in Calgary, Canada. Keep up the great work!

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