Some More Noise: Blank Noise Project. Delhi

('panga nahin lene ka' is hindi for 'don't you mess with me')

Some More Noise was a sound and performance intervention that took place in the South Extension subway. 30 Blank Noise Action Heroes showed up and built the event.

The Action Heroes ( women) confronted the public by simply standing in the subway and maintaining eye contact with passersby. An intimate situation would result in the action hero giving a letter to the stranger. The letter bore a testimonial of street sexual harassment starting as ' Dear Stranger'. The letters were both in Hindi and English.

( these letters are various people's blog posts from the Blank Noise Blogathon conducted earlier in the year.)

Male action heroes stood outside the subway distributing pamphlets

A sound piece enclosed the space and filled it with noise.

The event was supported by Khoj, as a part of their public art residency programme. Thanks to all at Khoj, Pooja Sood, Aastha Chauhan, Manoj, Hemant, Rohini Devasher, Arun and Ramesh.


Anonymous said...

Im Madhavi, based outta chennai. have been ritually following the campaign tht you gys are doing...havent participated yet...but dying to join in, in some way or the other. Missed the intervention that happ in chennai, sometime bk...but neverthless, i think you gys are doing a brilliant job!! "hats off man!!" and the fact that you are up onto a painstaking process to make each individual aware across the country is "wow"!! must say that i have been in quite a few situations of eve teasing myself, but havent done anything abt it...could be called a coward or a meek person, or jus plain ol' complacent like numerous others....but you guys have indeed have given me an inner strength that i think was lying dormant somewhere. thank you! :)
...We all deserve our own self respect!!! And nobody , absolutely nobody has the right to take it away!

good day!

J said...

Hi Madhavi- good to know that youre getting out of the dormant state. Plug in
. Get the Chennai group going!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi, im muzem, from malaysia..
i know dis blog via my country's newspaper yesterday..(KOSMO!, namely).
i feel pitty for u, ladies..
how bad the man who really eager to do the craps things! i was shocked about da facts: 1 girl were raped/mollest in every 29 mins??. *WTF?.
well, do protest!.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Please write something about the Priyadarshini Mattoo case. I think it started as a "eve-teasing" case, and took its ugliest form. The new conviction of the perprator is an exemplary case.

I have suffered not only surreal eve-teasing in life but is stalked even in net (and no it has nothing to do with what I wear because I dress conservatively. There is one guy who incites eve-teasers against me due to academic jealous, can you believe that ??? ).

I really really laud this wonderful action oriented website you have.


adityapoet said...

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adityapoet said...

hey seriously a very good blog ........ur doin a gr8 job hope u visit my blog too.....i would love to contribute something to ur cause

Anonymous said...

Greeting From Banglaore !!

Thank You Very much about Your Blog and I wish you to update your Details regularly will be Better for Society.
I wish your Progess in Future.

With Regards,