Calling Ladies in Dilli

" Dear Stranger"
Delhi Sunday Sept 3rd.
Location: PVR SAKET
Time: 5 pm

This intervention calls for dispersing testimonials of street sexual harassment / " eve teasing" in the form of letters addressed to strangers.
The testimonials are of various bloggers who took part in the Blank Noise Blogathon, (The same was done in Bangalore).

To participate call us at 98734 85284 and we will add you in!

Participants include:

Annie Zaidi
Megha Rawat
Sveta Venkatraman
Saumya Agarwal



Anonymous said...

Hello! The story of your Blank Noise campaign has reached Australia, i read of it today in The Age, I would like to congratulate you all for being so strong and independant. I spent some time in India in early 05 and the amount of sexual harrassment astounded me, gropped, touched and verbal abuse all the time for a month( i yelled an awful lot!), I cannot imagine living with those vulgar men all the time. I am so proud to be a woman when I see a woman and group of women standing up against something they no is wrong. I hope you are getting the support you need fromyour friends and family, a lot of bad behaviour is tolerated in Indiaby men and women alike. i am glad to see you are taking a stad!
Congratulations and good luck!

Alan Withers said...

Thank you Blank Noise for all you are doing to to get rid of this problem in India. As a male and frequent traveller with my wife and daughter thru your wonderful country I have often witnissed this sexual harassment.

Anonymous said...

Hey!! Following Amber's comment, I read about your campaign in The Age as well and was very surprised that having lived in India for so many years I have never heard about The Blank Noise Project.Thats more a case of me feeling ashamed :/ Congratulations for all the hardwork!!! I have been in similar groping-touching situations in ChennĂ¡i's public transport and theatres. I'm in awe of women who take charge of bringing about social change. Congratulations again!!!

Vikas Kaul said...

Dear All,

I have the deepest admiration for you all for coming up with this project.

Great job! Please keep up the good work!

Alex said...

Good job!

Hope it has reached Kerala.