It's pouring clothes! Send yours to the Blank Noise Studio in Bangalore or get in touch with your city clothes collector now!

You could also volunteer to be our official clothes collector in your city. People across various cities and towns have volunteered to collect clothes. Clothes have come from Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Baramulla. We thank all our volunteers Naveed Saraf, Jimmy Kakkar, Suren Vikash, Arpita Rawat, Payal Kamath, Sneha V, Anushree Jois, Gayathri M, Prasheila Lookhar, Manjula, Bhumika, Parmeet Soni, Ratna Apnender, Yamini Deen, Runa B, Rani Kamal. We thank you for participating!

Our deadline has been extended to Oct 1, 2006. The sent clothes will be installed on the streets of your city YOU DID NOT ASK FOR IT


To directly send your clothes to Bangalore, email us and we will send you our postal address.
Our Delhi contact is: 91 98734 85284


CK said...

keep up the good work! :)

sharanya said...

Thanks for taking such an amazing initiative... I would say that I wish "you" all the very best, but this project's really about US, women across divides. :)

Anonymous said...

hello, first, it is nice to know that i am not alone in my frustrations. Having been sexually abused myself on the street i know how exactly it feels, the humiliation and the helplessness when you dont know the violator who has just zoomed past you on his bike, but not before he has taken a bit of your self respect.Secondly i know lot of girls from hyderabad including me who would want to be part of blank noice project. Please get back to me with the details of the contact person at hyderabad. We would like to take up some ground level projects in hyderabad.
E-Mail ID : dkadambini@yahoo.com

See Bee said...

i just herd the news of a sardarji whose hair was chopped off by his frends cos he tried to stop them from eve teasing
when r we gonna evolve?

Anonymous said...

It's good to know that we finally are getting rid of the social menace. I just came across this blog today and since I don't read newspapers, I was totally unaware of anything that's been going on.

One thing I would like to see in protests is somebody holding up a banner on what they're protesting about. I saw a group of protesters by the CyberTowers in Hyderabad last Friday and I hadn't a clue that they were protesting against reservations till I read about it the next day. For a whole night, I thought they were celebrating something along the lines of friendship day or anniversary of CyberTowers.

It's just a suggestion, so feel free to ignore me since I'm just an individual who doesn't read newspapers.

Alex said...

Keep up the good job. This is surely needed.

Anonymous said...

Dear BNP, Sorry for being anonymous. But I dont understand the whole reason behind spending time on this so called project. Yes, its fun forming a community & keep discussing on some issues. And its also fun forming a groper's community & discuss over their horny experiences :) Do you all really wanna know how hardcore gropers can get ! Check this link out.

I'm sorry to say am one of its member. But remember, its not about eve-teasing, hurting or raping, its just groping !! Just enjoying the women's ignorance and nothing more !!