Women's commission suggests dress code in MP

Lengthen the skirts, control the crime?

Link from Amit Varma over at India Uncut


Anonymous said...

Today's TOI-Delhi Times carries a story on this issue. If you people need the pdf from the print-version, contact me at debamitro@yahoo.co.in .

pumpkin29 said...

Outrageous. Women again forced to take the blame for men's actions - they just cannot help themselves, poor things.

Ashraf's Pen said...

The women comission in MP should be renamed the ani-women comission.

Their rulings are stupid to put it mildly.

Enforcing long skirts for women means we are not civilised enough to give a woman security to do what she wants to do


Anonymous said...

How absurd! It's like imposing a 'burkha' law.

I'm sure a huge group of people would protest if they banned half-sleeve shirts (including T-shirts) for men. This is a lot along those lined but for women.