Rakhi Sawant

"Culture". Clothes. Provocation. Past Behaviour. Exaggerated affront.

But at the end of the day (party), a No is a NO is a NO.

Uma MD on the Rakhi Sawant-Mika Singh episode.


  1. PAYAL9:41 am

    Mumbai: The Maharashtra Government on Friday promulgated an ordinance making molestation of women a non-bailable cognisable offence and providing a maximum of one-month imprisonment.

    Making obscene gestures, whistling, using vulgar language or singing aloud a raunchy song, will come under the offence, an official release said..The Hindu

  2. Anonymous10:36 am

    Rakhi Sawant kissed first.
    Mika Sing is a victim of feminist double standard.

  3. i just saw rakhi on the ndtv big fight.. and i have to say i was extrememly impressed by the woman's undying determination to make a point that regardless of what she wears or how she dances or even how much leeway she may give a man, it gives no one any right to take advantage of her.. it gives no one the right to engage her in a lip lock without her consent.. to use the whole clothes justification is to perpetuate this myth that man have no control.. it also legitimises and normalises a certain level of harassment and that is unaccepatble.. the bangalore times a couple of days ago carried an article called "i wont take the rakhi route" and had interviews with various prominent actresses who said that theyve all been subject to similar instances but they would rather solve it themseleves than "go around letting the whle world know about it or goign to the police".. it is postively disappointing to read that.. it undermines all efforts by so many women today trying to help woman come out and give voice to any acts of vioaltion.. the article seems to give out a message that to do so is not honourable of a woman.. absolutely repulsive for a media to take such a socially irresponsible stance

  4. Anonymous12:32 am

    can you believe this?


  5. nu: absolutely. i would redirect your comment to anonymous!

  6. anonymous2: whuh...?!!! what is THAT about?! No, I can't!!!

  7. nor can i!

    this needs to be brought up. thankyou anon 2

  8. @ Anonymous no 1,

    Even a prostitute, lying naked on the bed, in middle of an intercourse has a right to say NO. and any sexual act after ‘NO’ was said would amount to sexual assault/rape.

    is it really so hard to understand? an individual's decision has to be respected.

  9. I agree with Amit 100%!