June 10th from 5 30 pm

Hyderabad Blank Noise intervenes in the city's Eat Street !

The Blank Noise team Hyderabad, will disperse testimonials of eve teasing in the form of a letters via performance.

The group comprises Uday Prakash Tekumalla, Ambrish Bansal, Diya Shivlani, Ratna Apenender, Tanushree Parial, Arshi Singh, Soumya Divakarla, Bobby Yerra, Lakshmi Kishore, Poorna Shashank, Vrinda Chandra Shekhar, Krishna Atkuru, Vicky/ Vignesh Ramakrishnan...and others...

The team meets inside ES at 5 pm.
To join in call: Uday at
98 66 10 36 30 Ambrish at 939 3333 522


Jax said...

when is mumbai?

J said...

hi. hopefully in a couple of days. in mumbai we are figuring out our core team members...hence the delay.

keep watch!

Anonymous said...


How can i contribute apart from fighting back myself??

J said...


apart from the mnay many things you can do, we would appreciate it if you could collect and send clothes towards the campaign, DID YOU ASK FOR IT?

astrocrazy2005 said...

As a hyderabadi(stayed there for 22 years)...I feel you are doing a great job..

Anonymous said...

My first idea of eve-teasing in Hyderabad and the Blank Noise project was a Hyderabad site - specifically the forums, where a person called Betty had posted about this. You guys have attempted a great job. I am making a post on that site again to help, and request people reading this post to popularize this in as many forums, wikis and blogs as possible.

Anonymous said...

i am from hyderabad. intersted in your team.does the team still functions? and how do u function

Anonymous said...