Blank Noise in Mumbai

Hi. I will be co-ordinating Blank Noise in Mumbai.

It would be wonderful if those interested could email me and we can all meet up. My email is chininath@rediffmail.com. As Hemangini points out, even a core group would help, for starters! And we need your clothes. Testimonies, too. Get in touch, please!

I also blog at Memory and desire.


Anonymous said...

hi count me in ..hopefully will be done with my exhib by then.. also theres an NGO called Pukar which also fights for space .. do mail them..

J said...

yay!! great supriya

yes we do know pukar


Anonymous said...

could i please know when the next meeting will be and where?
and i think this is a very important and seriously underestimated issue.
i'm glad someone took the initiative to start it...