1. Anonymous11:22 pm

    oye oye...sab margey....maaro ghaghara jo ghumiyoooo....eh...tu kai boli?

  2. Anonymous11:29 pm

    hawamein udta jaayen, mera...safed ghaghra cotton ka..oh jee...oh jee..! suno beti...meri blouse kahan gir gayi? koun mard pata nahin kahan sey dekh raha hoga..!

  3. hi again...
    the way i can help u is ...
    i can give u all sorts of incidents that have taken place in our college. incidents that have been uncontrolled. and i can also name all those who were responsible for it.
    i expect that u dont have so much contact in the southern part of india. i can help u build a network here also...
    hope i am of use to u...

  4. i hope so too!

    you can share your ideas with us here on the blog, or write to us at blurtblanknoise@gmail.com

  5. hi jasmeen
    i really want to be a part of this project..will mail u seperately on this.
    i could probably give u my entire wardrobe...i think every woman could....
    continue to let us know as and when ur putting up sumthing in blore city...

  6. dear tvnmcb

    do get in touch with us on mail.

    the clothes will be installed in a month or more...we need to collect many many more!

    so get them out!!

  7. Archana10:34 am

    Brave and Bold. A good JOB!

  8. hi tvnmcb

    hope you will be able to make it on thursday evening. looking forward.