The photograph has been readjusted to make the 'perpetrators' unrecognizable.
Blank Noise seeks to build dialogue about street sexual harassment and is not attempting isolate any one person or incident.
date (2009)

crime: eve teasing/ sexual harassment in a public space

location: Coffee Day, Church Street, Bangalore

Description: staring/ checking out/ a member in the photographer's group also claimed that one person from this group of young men was peeping into the public toilet.

she said she could see someone through the frosted glass appear, and when she would scream, he would dissapear, and then re appear again.

We are building an online gallery of perpetrators of street sexual harassment. Confront the situation. Send us your photos blanknoise@gmail.com

coming soon!
Blank Noise + Holla Back ( IF YOU CANT SLAP EM SNAP EM)


Anonymous said...

this is great! documenting perpetrators would perhaps bring in a feeling of guilt and fear amongst them..i'll send the photograph of a bus conductor who invariably went on commenting

Anonymous said...

hai allah....mard ki tasveer laga diya? looking at them, i feel already harrassed...nikaal do beti..! unko itna ehemiyath mat do..! they are not worth it. woh zaath hi kalmoohi hain..!

J said...

eternally waiting for yours payal.

send it soon!!

J said...

i certainly agree with you nikhil. you are absolutely right.

do join us...get in touch with hemangini in delhi since that is closer to where you live

looking forward

J said...

where is nikhil?

Anonymous said...

given that the possibility of any of these characters ever checking out this blog is next to zero do u really think they'd give a rat's posterior abt ur sincere effort at 'documentation'... if it gives u a kick go right ahead...but with all the time and effort that went to taking that incerdibly low-res picture you could have just gone right ahead and slapped that guy.. but again...whatever works for u