The photograph has been readjusted to make the 'perpetrators' unrecognizable.
Blank Noise seeks to build dialogue about street sexual harassment and is not attempting isolate any one person or incident. date (2009)

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Anonymous said...

hate to say this but how the hell can we recognise this one on the street? he has such a generic face, every autorickshaw guy with a moustache looks like him

Nikhil said...

Its not just about recognizing faces in the street, coz u cannot go on looking at faces to recognize eve teasers. The point as far as i think is to make them understand that there are people looking at them and they are no longer a part of the crowd. I am waiting for a day when gals from their family visit this page and have a look at these pics and can question the males of their family.

J said...

hi there

we are not 'looking out' for eve teasers, we are reacting to eve teasers, confronting them with the camera. its not like searching for a camera prey, but about dealing with, reversing the power, the gaze, the situation.

Nikhil said...

I really do understand it and i have always been trying on my own part to spread consciousness amongst my friends. They just need to understand that gals are also humans and not some sort of aliens. You know sometimes I feel that our social structure where even healthy intermingling of boys and gals are discouraged, have also contributed to eve teasing.