shot one. shot two. shot three.shot four.shot down

The R train stands for the "Really Rude" and "Retch": A woman who spied a man pleasuring himself on a train car decided to seize the moment and took a very clear cameraphone picture of the pervert. And then she went to the police; then she put it on her Flickr account with her telling of the incident


humorous, witty, straightforward and brilliant!

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M said...

Nothing on the pratibha issue?

Anonymous said...

Look what the senseless B@#$#$% has written... The fool does not know that the rapist had already planned his move & randomly called women..... Prathiba was just unlucky..... I am ashamed that this fool is an Indian...... I really feel ashamed that my fellow indians have such low attitude...wonder what God put into their brains.

From: Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy Gorrela
Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2005 5:46 PM
To: A, Radhika (Cognizant); Ratan Kumar
Subject: FW: Recent Call center murder in Bangalore (light hearted person please dont see)...

Hi All,

Change the moral fabric of Bangalore was being torn apart or is being torn apart, this event is not a surprise. With due respects to the lady who has been murdered, please take a look at the dress that she had worn during the macabre incident. Call me narrow-minded or old-fashioned, but it is better to know the limits of our society and behave accordingly. In one of the books that I happen to read viz..Godsdebris, the author has indicated that in order to lead a happy and a safe life, it is better to act within the cone of probability. In this case, the
victim has acted against probability by firstly, being careless and secondly, wearing such provoking attire
and going out at 1 A.M.....this should be an eye opener to all the parents who have some misdirected
souls as their daughters and also to all those morons who think that wearing less clothes and being
foolishly bold is a measure of modernity...Well, one lady has paid the price...at least, be careful from now
on... That bastard driver will be hanged but Prathiba will never come back...

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Nikhil said...

What should i say. I have never understood why all the rules are for women only. Cannot we create a society where women would be free to move without any fear? Has any boy been told not to wear barmudas or has any boy ever been told not to venture out in the night? If not then why does it all apply to women only? I read something about the moral fabric of our society in this blog but what moral fabric are we talking about? The moral fabric that lets a judge acquit a rape convict because he "belongs to a respected family and as such cannot commit this crime." The moral fabric that acquits a rape convict coz he consents to marry the rape victim. The moral fabric where lawyers have been making use of the definition of "rape" to help their clients and women organization have been fighting for years to get that definition comprehensive (just check the definition of rape in the Indian Penal Code and you would understand what i mean). The moral fabric where a "news of rape" is a part of the breaking news to boost the trp charts of news channels and to boost the circulation of newspapers. I can go on enumerating several such instances but that is not the point. Can anyone guarranty that rapes would cease to occur if all the gals wear salwar kameez and sari and no one ventures out after 8 pm?