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linked blanknoise blog to my site

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thanks !

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Congratulations on such a successful noble effort. I cannot stress on how important it is to not only bring attention to this issue but also in changing people's attitude towards abuse.
Yes, I said ABUSE and not Eve-teasing.
I had a chance to go over a few recent articles in the Times of India. One was about how nearly 54% of wives think it is okay for their husbands to physically abuse them. The other was a write up about how Jasmeen started her efforts and turned this website into an international success.
I have recently relocated to India from the US. While I was there, I used to be a volunteer for two Organisations that helped victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual abuse. I had to undergo extensive training in order to be a hotline operator as well.
In that process, I learned many things like abuse is never just physical. No matter what a victim wears, it is still not an invitation for abuse. People who sideline 'Eve teasing' as not a relevant issue are in serious need for an attitude reversal.
I think this site is a first step.