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Anonymous said...

linked blanknoise blog to my site

J said...

thanks !

mariner said...

A wonderful effort. Just read of you and your efforts in today’s Hindu. And I congratulate you for having begun something many would have wanted to. But did not for want of courage or lack of direction.
I am a sailor. The most lecherous if you believed the world. Just one of the many perceptions that shape the world.
And another would be that women are hapless victims who would grin and bear with what the world does to them when they leave the confines of their cozy home in search of their dreams. If she were lucky she would come back home and stretch on her bed relaxed, thinking back of her days achievements at work and otherwise. But more often than not, it is of the innumerable gropes, comments and lechers that she would be thinking of. Dreading that the sun is going to rise again and she will have to venture out. When can she walk to work, her mind in peace?
I belong to Kerala. The most ‘Literate’ state in our country. My wife says here you could get harassed even if you went out in a burqa!!!
Way back when I was in college, a good part of the guys discussions would be on who they groped and how. Invariably most of these adventures would be on the buses.
Well ……………
Dress that one wears attracts attention. And there should be nothing wrong in wearing any particular kind of dress. And there is nothing wrong in feeding ones vanity by dressing well. It is the attitude that should change. I hope people don’t get the wrong message from your efforts that clothes are the reason for all the harassment.
I pray your efforts bear fruit. And not go overboard in your eagerness to secure respect for women who are not ones sisters or ones mother!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on such a successful noble effort. I cannot stress on how important it is to not only bring attention to this issue but also in changing people's attitude towards abuse.
Yes, I said ABUSE and not Eve-teasing.
I had a chance to go over a few recent articles in the Times of India. One was about how nearly 54% of wives think it is okay for their husbands to physically abuse them. The other was a write up about how Jasmeen started her efforts and turned this website into an international success.
I have recently relocated to India from the US. While I was there, I used to be a volunteer for two Organisations that helped victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual abuse. I had to undergo extensive training in order to be a hotline operator as well.
In that process, I learned many things like abuse is never just physical. No matter what a victim wears, it is still not an invitation for abuse. People who sideline 'Eve teasing' as not a relevant issue are in serious need for an attitude reversal.
I think this site is a first step.