June 15 2005. Photo by Smriti Chanchani Posted by Hello

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Jasmeen, I think the work you're doing is wonderful and so incredibly important. You're very brave and I applaud your efforts along with the other women in the project.

It's ridiculous how men's lewd actions are defended in the country, even by fellow women!

I grew up in Bombay in a liberal and affluent household. I commuted to college on the train and became a very hostile person since I had to regularly abuse men around me who felt so brave as to grab my breasts and feel around other parts of my body. I only went so far as humiliating the men I would catch in the act but now, I wish I had pressed charges. Actually, I dont think I was aware as a teen that I could press charges, so awareness about the processes available to women is necessary.

When I wore trendy clothes (not skimpy at all) in Mithibai college, I was told that I was inviting men to attack me and that I should adhere to the dress code!