participants: Payal, Sandhya, Namita, Neha, Vikram, Hemangini, Rahima, Siraj,Romal, Umesh,Rajitha and Jasmeen. Together we formed a sentence " Y R U LOOKING AT ME" and appeared / dissapeared from traffic signals. Later posters stating section 354 from the IPC were handed out. Thanking Umang, Smriti ,Yashas and Umesh for documenting. Posted by Hello


  1. NOTE FROM Namita :

    Blank Noise/One Night Stand participant.

    Am in a hurry but was thinking that for next time, apart from obviously
    avoiding the pinks and oranges for clothing, we should be a little more
    diverse in our clothing, otherwise we look like a bunch of straightforward
    gals who are middle class and well-educated aping male attire in jeans
    mostly. Or pants.
    Maybe a sari or two or even skirts would break that impression-

  2. to Namita from me:

    dont completely agree with trying diverse 'clothing' but think it
    would be interesting to bring in 'dvierse people'/ sweeper woman/ bus
    conductor/ auntyji/ me/ you/

    even there on the street at the crossing...the men were a token
    presence--more so our desperate state for participants brought them
    in..then again...there was this constant battle of my conscience ( only men who have experienced it should be there on the street/ women who belive in it and support it should be there---fighters/victims) and the mesage itself..the fact that there were men and women- men in minority...that
    it happened..