note the car no. please. This man was making sexual gestures towards me with his car windows rolled down. Posted by Hello


  1. I really appreciate the crusade you're running here. These men put all us men to shame.

  2. well well well

    glad to hear that

    your'e most welcome to join us at Blank Noise instead of feeling ashamed for no fault of yours!

  3. Hi,

    This is a wonderful movement. Please let me know how I can contribute.
    More than women, we men will love to beat the sh*t out of such idiots!!!

  4. what is this movement all about??
    came in thru Ammani's blog...

  5. i dont have a problem spelling things out.

    his windows were rolled down.
    hi tongue was out
    and he made sexual gestures towards me.
    there i was stuck in traffic and more than horrified, no matter what, it's a shock more often than not.
    the traffic started moving and i began shooting...

    here you have it
    a man MOST WANTED.

  6. Good work ...

    Lets see the end of these stray Dashs (Cant call them dogs in fear of insulting them);

  7. Anonymous5:50 pm

    yes ferrari will keep you posted...

  8. Anonymous9:29 am

    You could be one of the feminist who consider being modern is to wear partly revealing dress, or even when covered it still shows off your feminity, or your attitude in the crowd may naturally get people's attention since as I see you walk around with your camera and looking at anyone who would be your next cam-victim.

    Whatever said in all your blog, I wonder why there are majority of the women who do not complain are from the class of people who have remained unattached to the "expression through fashion" trends.

    A limited decent expression will not much call for teasers. I know for sure there are many who love to show off their assets.

    I wish the fashion stays with the culture of the land, where even the mind of people is accustomed to the fashion of the land. You provoke any kind of unseen fashion in the name of personal choice, you must expect the conservative society like ours to have surprised onlookers.

  9. Anony Mouse,
    First, invest in a spine. Reveal your name before you make such profound comments.

    You say, "A limited decent expression will not much call for teasers". May I have the gall to ask you what counts for "limited decent expression" is ? Who defines that ? People like you ?

    The reason majority of the women do not complain is because our loving fathers and brothers and mothers have told them, in so many words, you can complain as much as you want, we will not take note. We will not do anything. And if you shout too much, we will shout louder, all of us in unison, "You are fallen. You provoked that man. Why did that man not feel up the other girl in the bus, why only you. Look at your dress, you are wearing red. Hell, you were not even wearing a burqa".

    If burqas were the solution to sexual harassment, Taleban would be women's heaven.

  10. Anonymous1:29 am

    a good website and a noble cause. but just think about this for a minute... one day you women will grow old, put on a few extra pounds at the wrong places, get a few wrinkles.... then the roads will be prefectly safe for you, but no one will notice you......

  11. hey ... shaurya, i agree to what u say, true true...

    i'd like u people to go check out my blog : http://missmeowspeaks.blogspot.com/

    blank noise is doing great !! cheers !

  12. @anonymous: mm, okay so? Picture this. Certain men who have made eve-teasing their profession will continue to do this even after aging. honestly, i dunno what point you are making.