March 2005:

photography and interviews with women bus conductors of Bangalore.

On their uniform:

" I feel more safe in this. People see me as a conductor and respect me."

" Earlier, I used to travel only from college to home. I did not know Bangalore. Now I am always on the bus, meeting so many different people. I used to be very scared. I did not want to attend my first day of job, my brother brought me here, "tumba bhaya aithoo" ( was very scared.)I could not blow the whistle!"

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Jo said...

Hello Jasmeen, Just got your blog address from another blog. Really interested to see the stuff you got here. Watching this photos with interviews - it's like watching a reality show. But I wish if you just concentrate on any "isms" like "feminism". Life has enough room for all genders, races, cultures etc. Right?

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