eg rules for the kentucky state reformatory/ for visitors.

1. Any visitor, child or adult, shall not be admitted if barefooted.
2. For female visitors, underclothes (bra and panties, and a slip with a dress) shall be worn.
a. Clothing which does not completely cover the midriff, cleavage or bosom shall not be acceptable
b. Blouses shall be buttoned so that the cleavage cannot be viewed
c. Halter tops, hot pants, short skirts, wrap-around skirts and see through clothing shall not be allowed
d. Dresses and skirts shall be allowed to have a two (2) inch split in the back only and the skirt or dress shall be no shorter than four (4) inches above the knee.
e. Sleeveless garments shall not be allowed
3. A male visitor shall be expected to wear underclothes, long or short pants, long or short sleeve shirt.
a. Bermuda or mid-thigh shorts shall be permitted b. Sleeveless garments, cutoffs, or see through clothing of any type shall not be worn by male visitors over twelve (12) years of age
4. A visitor’s shorts shall not extend more than four (4) inches above the middle of the knee.
5. A visitor shall not wear spandex clothing.
6. Each visitor shall dispose of trash in the waste containers.
7. The use of tobacco products is prohibited in the visiting building and the visiting building waiting room.
8. Profane, vulgar or sexually suggestive talk shall not be allowed during a visit.
9. Physical contact with an inmate shall be limited only to a brief hug and kiss at the beginning and conclusion of the visit.
10. Each visitor and inmate shall act in a dignified, responsible manner while on a visit. Any visitor or inmate who does not act in this manner or follow the visitor dress and behavior guidelines shall be denied entry or have his visit terminated early by the Shift Supervisor at the request of the Visiting Room Supervisor

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