Time: 7 pm- 9pm

Date: MAY 21ST 2005.

Location: Marine Drive/ by the fly over

(Entry: Women only.)

You are invited to participate in a public arts event ‘One Night Stand’ at Marine Drive.
Jasmeen Patheja, practicing artist in Bangalore is choreographing the event. The performance event is centered around issues of reclaiming the street and confronting the public.


manuscrypts said...

appreciate what you are doing, but just wondering if it is something that can be treated in isolation... considering that media, entertainment,corporate work culture and everything around us (with a few rare exceptions) are espousing a stance that glorifies being immoral dont you think it is a bigger battle we have to fight, on a bigger canvas??

hemangini said...

Hi! Shouldn't you reply messages......?! see my blog; I posted about the meeting. Not done a post-event post though...

J said...

Hi Manuscrypts and mangs..

thanks for wrtiting in..yes i should be replying to messages...just havent been online in almost 10 days...sorry about that..

manuscrypts:" are espousing a stance that glorifies being immoral "

can you please explain that or elaborate..dont quite get it.

as for treating it in isolation. yes that has been my concern. it is not something that an artist alone can bring up and 'deal' with at that same time the artist can play the role of a social engineer.

1-to deal with it at the societal level
2- to comment on the society...

I have chosen the former.
Hence Blank Noise does not want to be an isolated arts project nor does it seek to be an isolated 'activist' project.

Hence this blog,trips to colleges, and search for participants of all kinds.

Its vast...and everyone who can 'see the canvas' is making their entry from their position..

Im grappling with the issue of 'who's position' and whether there can be overlaps which will make the project inclusive...

manuscrypts said...

"are espousing a stance that glorifies being immoral ".... in my view (and hence maybe not a general one), a 360 degree collapse of values/morals happening now - in the examples i have used - media (what a ToI does in terms of paid editorial), entertainment (sitcoms that portray extra marital affairs as norm), corporate work culture (sexual harassment, women actually using their gender to their advantage for perks etc).. not that i am in a 'holier than thou' position to take a moral stance, but i strongly feel that the issues you are battling are all part of an entire collapse, and treating them in isolation could have an undesired result... to broadly give an example, a 'disclosure'(or 'ajnabee' closer home) kind of scenario..
as far as 'blank noise' is concerned, a good way to increase participation is to get people to react in a way thay are comfortable with, for which (as you rightly said) getting more people to see a bigger canvas is essential... i sincerely feel that 'blank noise' is a step in the right direction and therefore needs to scale up, in terms of awareness and issues, fast... and hey, happened to land smack in front of a ' y r u looking at me' group at the brigade road junction :)