Plan. Plug. Play.

Tell your Action Hero story through Feminist Game Creation. Plan Plug Play.

Feminist Gaming Workshop, Led by artist in residence @BlankNoise, Lisa Heissenberg, BangaloREsidency, Max Mueller Bhavan - Goethe Institute.
Venue: Center For Internet And Society

Date/ Time: 22nd September - 24th September
September 22nd, Friday 5pm - 8 pm
September 23rd , Saturday 1 pm - 7 pm
September 24th, Sunday 1 pm - 7 pm

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* Thank you Srishti Institute of Art , Design and Technology *

Introduction to Plan, Plug & Play @ CIS, Bangalore from Heissenberg on Vimeo.

"With Plan, Plug & Play, I aim to initiate writers, artists, and everyone else interested in the matter in the basics of narrative game design: How to turn personal stories, topics one is passionate about, and other stories that do not fit in the mold of what is still widely associated with games - straight male power fantasies, shock for shock's sake, and conflicts only to be addressed through violence - into small digital experiences. The workshop is not aimed at professional programmers, but rather complete beginners in both design and code.
It has been facilitated through Blank Noise and also emphasizes on feminism and social justice as matters to be discussed through video games and interactive stories."

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