16th December. Action Heroes Meet To Sleep. Registration Open

Action Hero Tharunya,  Meet To Sleep

Meet To Sleep will be held on 16th December, 2017.
This is an invitation to all, individuals ,communities, organisations, across cities, towns, villages, countries, identities, to make it your own.

Take a nap in your public parks.
Sleep. Alone. Together.
We sleep to fight fear, through trust and belonging.
In sleep we assert our right to be defenceless.
In sleep we protest.
December 16th, 2017
* I Never Ask For It *

Registration Open. Please take 5 - 7 minutes for this form.
Tell us where you will be in Meet To Sleep , Action Hero-ism, and why!

Incase of any queries, we can be reached at actionhero@blanknoise.org
Yours truly,

Blank Noise Team

* To view past Meet To Sleep events, link

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