In Solidarity With Action Hero Lil Bernard #INeverAskForIt

Bill Cosby. Image source
This is why I took so long #WhyWomenDontReport #INeverAskForIt

“ And you, for example, who are sitting here, blaming and shaming me, and doubting me, and calling me a liar, is a testimony of why it took me so long to come out. I immediately started trying to kill myself. I was slashing my wrists. I was hanging myself. I had a network of friends who were saving me from killing myself."  - Lil Bernard

Quote source: CNN video

We are Reporting To Remember, lest we forget, our collective environment of blame, the questions asked, judgements made, in court, by the press, our public memory. Being blamed, shamed and made to feel guilty for our own experience of sexual assault, has led to suicides, affected mental health.

In response to being asked, 'Why didn't you report?' , we repeat:

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