We Welcome BangaloREsidency Action Hero Artists In Residence!

Lisa Hiesseinberg:
Action Hero Remote Artist in Residence
Max Mueller Bhavan, BangaloREsidency with Blank Noise (host)
Lisa is a Remote Resident; she will be part of the residency from Germany and will be in Bangalore 2017

I'm a German-based artist and writer who just finished their studies of visual arts at the Braunschweig University of Fine Art. My specialization lies in narration/storytelling and new media, and oftentimes I focus on things such as commodity fetishism, the reality-changing capabilities of language, and interactivity with its limitations.

I Never Ask For It's attempts at making positive statements and raising awareness through encouraging people to peacefully participate in symbolic exchanges I find very congenial. Not only my own background and my own experiences drew me to the project, but also the constant notion that 'sexism is over (here in Germany)' and that places outside of Europe are oftentimes used as bad examples to shut down conversations about everyday sexism and discrimination of women and minorities makes me want to get I Never Ask For It introduced to the German context to extend the discourse it encourages.



Frauke Frech
Action Hero Artist in Residence
Max Mueller Bhavan, BangaloREsidency with Blank Noise (host)

I am an art- and activist whose practice combines performance art with intervention, video, graphics and text through which I explore personal and social relationships, boundaries and translation processes. So many times I felt victim to male harassment and I feel anger and sadness for all the women who are experiencing it. Blank Noise and its I Never Ask For It,  to me is a powerful strategy to stand side to side across the world and to address our issues on-site and on a broader scale by affirmative actions and mutual empowerment. Being our own lobby no one else will do it for us.

Beauty Action Center provides a safe space where we can exchange about gender-based violence among women of different backgrounds. What do we wish to establish within ourselves and within society? To ask for the garment evidences as the materialisation of what we want to overcome and in return to get a new look in which we can embody our inner empowered personalities. A place for liberation and transformation.

Follow Frauke’s journey in Bangalore here

* Initiated by Max Mueller Bhavan , Goethe Institute.

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