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Dear Donor and Friend of Blank Noise,

A big thank you in advance for your interest in supporting us.

Blank Noise was registered as a charitable trust in November 2015 and its 80G tax exemption certificates ( certificates that grant donor and donee tax exemption) are being processed. The 80G certificates for any donation will be sent as soon as possible, and we will confirm the receipt of any donation immediately.

Your contribution will enable us to achieve our goals between now and February 2017. We will also email in the annual calendar and budget for anyone interested.  We are grateful for the financial support you offer. Your donation, however big or small is much appreciated.

Blank Noise is building a series of projects , all geared towards mobilising citizens and individuals, working with a network of allies, ending sexual and gender based violence. On December 2nd , Action Heroes, ie. citizens and individuals, in India and beyond will 'Walk Alone' in places they fear , in an attempt to reclaim space, occupy and arrest fear. Date.

We will also publish 'Reporting To Remember' this December ; an archive of incidents of violence that have been justified by those in power, through a process of victim blame.

'Meet To Sleep' brings  Action Heroes across geographies to tackle fear by taking a nap in their public park.
This event will take place on January 15, 2017 across multiple sites.

Our I Never Ask For It clothes archive , along with audio testimonials, will continue to move forward, and include testimonials, in multiple languages. Survivors of of sexual and gender based violence, don't report because they feel judged ,shamed and blamed for experiencing it.  I Never Ask For It provides a safe space to report , share, heal and arrest attitudes justifying violence.

To do one and all of these events, we need a small and steady full time team. Our team requirements include manager, sound editor, accountant, book keeper, research  and documentation, archivist, communication, coder, programmer, and more!

This a link to our donation form.
Detailed three month budget sheet linked here

To know more about Blank Noise, as reported by the press, here is the link

Thank you for your generosity. Incase of any questions and clarifications, please reach us at 91.9886840612 and actionhero@blanknoise.org

Yours truly,
Blank Noise Team

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