Sunday 25th September

Is there somewhere in your city/ town/ district, you would like to walk alone in but have not?  
100 Action Heroes #WalkAlone

100 Action Heroes #WalkAlone on Sunday 25th September anytime between 8 pm and midnight. Action Heroes assert their right to live without warnings, to be free from fear. #WalkAlone to experience the night. Gaze at the stars. Stop to smell the night blooming flowers. Walk Alone. Together.

To #WalkAlone Onti Alemari Svatantra / Akeli Awaara Azaad  register here . Read Event faqs here

contact: 9886840612 / actionhero@blanknoise.org

* for those in Bangalore
Action Hero Dialogues : investigating warning, blame, fear, resistance at the Goethe Institute / Max Mueller Bhavan on Sunday 25th September 6: 45 pm. We would like to hear from you, especially in the context of your work with communities and hope can join in to co create this dialogue.

Do you remember the clothes you wore when you experienced sexual or gender based violence? Most women and girls across the world do.
To be raised in an environment that warns women and girls to “ be careful” , also translates as “ If you experienced violence, maybe you were not being careful enough. You ‘asked for it’”
There is no excuse for sexual or gender based violence. I Never Ask For It.

200 Action Hero testimonials as garments will be installed at Max Mueller Bhavan. You are invited to add your garment to it. Step in, shape the Action Hero Dialogues and add to building installation of I Never Ask For It testimonials.

I Never Ask For It is a five year public engagement, initiated and facilitated by Blank Noise to end victim blame by building testimonies of clothing ;individuals contribute the garment they wore when they experienced sexual or gender based violence. The garment is witness, memory and voice to the senders experience. In 2020, the ten thousand garments will be installed in sites of public significance.The mission is envisioned to be co created by citizens, communities and allies in Bangalore, India and globally.

Event #WalkAlone begins immediately after , Action Hero Dialogues at Goethe Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

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