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Thank you for interest in supporting Blank Noise financially. Blank Noise was registered as a charitable trust in November 2015 and its 80G tax exemption certificates ( certificates that grant donor and donee tax exemption) are being processed. The 80G certificates for any donation will be sent as soon as possible, but we will confirm the receipt of any donation immediately.We are grateful for the financial support you offer. Your donation, however big or small is much appreciated. There are other ways you can be involved, financially, so please get in touch if you think of something else.

* Given its current status, Blank Noise can accept funds from Indian Bank Accounts only.  

Immediate funding towards: Events/ Programmes/ Seed

Support An Event : I Never Ask For It Week * Sept 25 - ongoing
Blank Noise hosted I Never Ask For It week, bringing together three events

Walk Alone: Global
Action Heroes will wear multi lingual t-shirts that read Akeli, Awaara​, Azaad, meaning​ Alone, Wanderer, Free. To be alone, wandering, and free asserts our right to live unwarned. We ask for freedom from fear.
Action Hero Dialogues:
A dialogue with organizations, individuals and institutions examining warning, blame, fear, resistance. Most women and girls remember the clothes they were when they experienced sexual violence or harassment. We are raised in an environement that warns women and girls to “ be careful” , also translates as “ If you experienced violence, maybe you were not being careful enough. You ‘asked for it.’” There is no excuse for sexual or gender based violence. I Never Ask For It.

A Very Deliberate Manel : Suspicion
The programme begins in Bangalore, bringing together 21 men who wish to step in, to end violence against women, sexual and gender based violence. This is in the context of the I Never Ask For It Week, where all identifying as male respond to trust, blame, warnings, fear and suspicion.

Total event cost = Rs. 69, 480
Budget list here

Support A Programme: Internship
Blank Noise will host three interns for a six month period.
Monthly remuneration per intern per month= Rs.20,000/
Total remuneration per intern for six months= Rs.1,20,000/
Total remuneration for three interns, for six months = Rs.3,60,000/
Support A Programme: I Never Ask For It Writing Project
About programme:  I Never Ask For It writing project has been launched by Blank Noise. It is aimed at launching several conversations around victim blame- featuring personal stories, analysis of the legal framework, the media’s role and responsibility in shaping narratives as well as citizens who are fighting to keep our public spaces safe. The project will compel us to reframe the conversation around victim blame.
Editor fee- Rs. 50,000 per month; Contributor fee- Rs. 5000 per contributor
Support Blank Noise Seed Fund: Blank Noise requires Rs 100,000- 150,000 a month to function. The budget list can be found here
Details For Blank Noise Account:

Bank Details:
Bank Name: ICICI Bank Limited
Account Name: Blank Noise
Blank Noise Account Number: 041105001534
IFSC Code:
Branch Name: Yelahanka

Blank Noise Address:
Blank Noise
c/o Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology
CA Site No. 16
Yelhanka New Town
Bangalore 560106

Thank you for supporting Blank Noise.

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