Creating Action Heroes : Change The Way We Create and Perceive Women's Experience With Violence

The images above are frequently used by the press in India to report violence against women. The images are unwanted.
Because it perpetuates the narrative of victimhood
And closes a conversation.
Because it is stale
And reinforces a reality we need to change through the power of our imagination.

Above images researched by Mihika Row, Maria George, Madhulika Mohan and Nikhila Nanduri. Students from the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology.

Do you have a personal, desired, imagined, or lived ‪'Action Hero' response to experiences of sexual violence?
Make a sketch. Bring on its colours. Send it to blurtblanknoise@gmail.com 
It could be witty. angry. sad. calm. thoughtful.
Be you - unfiltered. This is your song.

Revisit a scenario. Imagine a response.

Guidelines and parameters:
It could include text saying NO and or I Never Ask For It .

Your visual response to building Action Heroes could take the form of a comic strip, poster, a series of facebook profile photos, gifs, stickers.

Blank Noise will host the archive. 
You are the author and creator.

What are the desired possible future of this project:
i) Select images could be a gift to press stock images, so that 
they can use these images instead of the 'crouched shamed victim' - the story that is told and perpetuated. 

Making new imagery could inspire new narratives.
This is your script. Imagine. Desire. Create.
Assert. Insert. Occupy. Action Hero Imagery.
Hosted on the blank noise page/ website/ blog
Select imagery could be on t shirts, posters, walls.
It will be a reference and archive of desired responses

iii) We can ideate more possible desired futures of this project together. Send in your thoughts)

Guidelines to consider
* Definition of 'Action Hero'?
- Believes there is no excuse for sexual violence. 
- Refuses victim blame; to blame or be blamed.
- Takes agency and collective ownership to end sexual violence
- Fights fear
- Negotiates risk
- Is self confrontational- questions her/ his/ their bias and values.
- Seeks peaceful, non violent ways of tackling sexual violence.

Deadline. March 3rd. 2016
Submission requirement:
Medium- no restriction
Size- . (not strict but preferable 6 + inches width, 300 DPI, RGB Mode).
Format- JPEG / TIFF
Add a title
Add your name : Action Hero ____
Email : blurtblanknoise@gmail.com

With love,
Blank Noise Team

For your reference:  Showcasing Action Hero Rhea Daniel contribution from 2010. Her work has inspired and triggered this call for action. 

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