Meet To Sleep, Bangalore

Created by Action Hero Viji Chari
in response to her experience with
Meet To Sleep

" This was the second Meet To Sleep event I attended. Both time with my little daughter. And this time was really different from the first - here's how: 

The first time I did it for myself and for my child. I couldn't sleep, I had a book and a sheet to feel safe. And i was very self conscious. The space was beautiful and I did end up dozing off in the winter sun but woke up to every sound. 

The second time I did it for a larger cause. And my way of participating was to challenge myself. So no book, no sheet. I stared at the longest time at the lovely canopy and then fell into a deep, peaceful sleep. 

What really helped was Jasmeen's briefing at the start. Where the intent was communicated so well. And at the end, the sharing was longer and helped connect to the movement mot deeply. It was weird and yet so natural that a group of strangers felt a sense of safety in each others' presence. 

When my 11-year old daughter was hearing the adults share, she kept whispering back to me, "what is the big deal about sleeping in a park". While she may be too young to understand this, my hope is that with movements such as these, she would continue to ask this question even as an adult woman living in India.  "

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