Meet To Sleep. November 28

An ActionHero was raped in Bangalore's Cubbon Park this November. 
The home minister responded and hence we Report To Remember " 

We will Meet To Sleep for our will to be fearless.
We will Meet To Sleep for our right to be unwarned.
We will Meet To Sleep to build new memory with our very own public parks.

Bring along a mat, a cushion if you like, a blanket , water, snack.
Bring along a potential new Action Hero if you like.
It's on this Saturday, November 28th at 2 pm.
Location will be shared on confirmation only.
phone: 9886840612 ( 9 30 am - 5 30 pm )

There is no excuse for sexual violence. I Never Ask For It. 

This action will be simultaneously built in Pune, Bombay , Jaipur, Bangalore and in your city/ town/place if you sign up to organise.

Yours truly,
Blank Noise Team

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