Gynaecologists We Trust: From Amba Azad and Team

Last week Amba Azad tweeted a call for contributions, titled ' Gynaecologists We Trust' .

Initiated by @AmbaAzad and Team

This is an attempt to crowdsource a directory of trustworthy gynaecologists. Finding doctors who are on our side is hard enough, and when it comes to something as intimate as our internal plumbing, it's even more difficult.
We need gynaes who are well-trained, affordable, reassuring, and above all, respectful of any sexual or lifestyle choices we make.
We need doctors who know that not all people want their uterus, and that not all people with uteri are women.
We need medical expertise devoid of moral judgements regarding how we use our bodies.
And we need compassionate care that we can rely on when we are scared, in pain and sick, without any shaming for being promiscuous, queer, single, trans, abused, kinky, disabled, fat, childless, or any other aspect of our social identity that should have no relevance to the quality of medical care we deserve.
The folks who’ve spent time and energy filling out our survey to help us crowdsource this list have our gratitude! Our survey remains open, and if you have a positive experience with a gynaecologist whom you’d like to see included on this list, please do fill out the form yourself to share their info with us - http://goo.gl/forms/SL8WLOIqo9
If you have questions or feedback about this project, you can get in touch with us via email (docrecs@gmail.com), twitter (@AmbaAzaad) or by filling out the last question of our form along with an email address we can reach you at. (http://goo.gl/forms/SL8WLOIqo9).
Find a recommended gynaecologist in your city!

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