Who is an Action Hero?

existing definition: An Action Hero is a woman who faces threat and experiences fear on the streets of her city, but can devise unique ways to confront it. Her final response might have been to choose to ignore the violator, but she will have chosen to do so, not failed to notice it. An Action Hero does not surrender to power on the street.

An Action Hero sets new rules for public behaviour.

An Action Hero can stand idle in public.

An Action Hero can whistle in a park, nap, read a book

An Action Hero can day dream in public.

An Action Hero can make eye contact with strangers.

An Action Hero can walk the streets without apology.

An Action Hero believes that the city is HERS.

An Action Hero does not take the age old blame for experiencing street sexual violence. She believes there's no such thing as 'asking for it'.

An Action Hero can sometimes twist the situation around and laugh at it.

An Action Hero is not a victim. She reacts. responds. fights back .

An Action Hero confronts her fear. analyzes it too.

An Action Hero choses to make her city safe by being out in public. She inspires new Action Heroes

Who is an Action Hero?

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