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  1. That's very tragic. But I doubt that would be much different from the situation here in many parts of India. Here too people just look at injustice happening quietly and move on in life. No one wants to be involved in a police case for no reason. Very sad indeed.

    RIP Pinky.

  2. Anonymous4:48 am

    This is so sad that people are so self consumed that they turn a blind eye to the injustices of the world!! But let something happen to those people & see how helpless they feel!!! This is EXACTLY why this abuse continues to happen because the people don't come together as a group and protest such mistreatment in order to create laws to prevent this abuse. I find it sad we even have to create laws in the first place for this! I say those self-centered people that turn a blind eye have no balls!! Wait until it happens to your mother, grandmother or sister & then you crya out why nobody helped them?

  3. Anonymous6:25 pm

    seems like a read from a porn magazine...

    grow up guys...