Hot News Taaza Samachar

Hot News/ Taaza Samachar (fresh news)
is based on news paper rape reports from 2003

reports Jan 2010:
2 men charged for rape in Goa
3 men charged for rape in Manchester
5 men get 8 year jail term for gang rape in Delhi

1 man slaps a grade 9 student in Bangladesh. Unable to bear the humiliation she commits suicide.

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Pranay Rupani said...

Good work,very unsettling news though!

minnie said...

this is brilliant and disturbing

Haresh said...

Expressed nicely! A lot depends on the way we look at things and the way we talk about them.

bn girl said...

thanks haresh! we're adding rape reports + sexual violence reports from 2010. do send us links to report news. thanks!

Anonymous said...

oh i wish i was one of the two men..lucky men lucky hands...