Step By Step Guide to Unapologetic Walking tees are ready!

Blank Noise supports the Pride by walking wearing
'step by step guide to unapologetic walking' tee shirts.

These tee shirts can be worn anywhere anytime, they have The Step by Step Guide To Unapologetic Walking on them.

A big thank you to Anwesha , Nimi, Chitra, Soumya, Mohnish, Siddarth, Sanhita, Shreyasi, Paige, Hemangini, Jasmeen, Aarthi, Noopur, Saptarshi, Sunayana, John, Rashida, Neha, Natasha,Rashmi, Vishaka, Shravanthi, Pranav, Lalitha, Kirtana, Aarti, Payal, Nabila, Aparna, Shivangini, Ragini, Tinnie, Saraswathi, Smriti, Oindrilla for being the first to wear them on!

(A fresh new set of tees goes to print in the next 2 weeks!)

The Step By Step Guide to Unapologetic Walking had existed in the form of a poster prior to this- a big thankyou to BN member/ volunteer Shreyasi Kar for making the idea wearable!
To all those Action Heroes who made it to the street actions and other Blank Noise events- your insights created the Step by Step Guide to Unapologetic Walking.


Anonymous said...

I love these t-shirts!!!

preposterous girl said...

I also want this t-shirt..How can I get this.. I'm very thankful to blanknoise for starting these ten ways..I follwed these ten ways about 3 months back, and today I can walk down any street without feeling that "I'm asking for it"
I request blanknoise team to visit my blogpost regarding this experiment..

Vaishnavi Bhaskaran said...

hey, good shit man... and sooper that you wore it to pride... anyhow I ordered mine but still haven't gotten it. When am I going to?

J said...

hi. you sent in 2 addresses. the delhi set is going to be despatched tomorrow. where do we send you yours?

n.aka.zephyr said...

Brilliant! How do we get hold of these tees? I so want one of those.... Am in the UK currently but will be coming to Dellhi in Sept...

Okay and you need to know this - the word verification for this comment was 'chest'. No kidding!

Suman said...

Are you distributing these in Kerala? I am in Kozhikode, and would love to have one.

sohini said...

I wud like one too.. Also for my friend. Its a great idea. I have been painting some of the blank noise logos n ideas on my tees just to shwo support coz i didnt think u had tshirts and all. But tell me.. are you still selling it? how can i order it???

J said...

yes we are! where are you writing from?