That's not what I was looking for!

Blank Noise gets reports of what search terms people use to find us on the web, and the answers might surprise you. Here's a report from June 23, 2009 - the phrases on the right are the search terms which lead folks to the BNP blog.

Num Perc.Search Term
drill down 1024.39%hot girl in kolkata she want to fuck anybody
drill down 819.51%blank noise
drill down 49.76%blank noise project
drill down 49.76%blanknoise
drill down 12.44%indian womans sex 4 u
drill down 12.44%what is to be done to make india a developed country?
drill down 12.44%you tube forced aunty fuck bad pink girl
drill down 12.44%blog.blanknoise.org bombay-march-15
drill down 12.44%cheapest call girl service in hyderabad
drill down 12.44%i want a prostitute in patna to fuck her
drill down 12.44%pink chaddi
drill down 12.44%nirbhaya karnataka?
drill down 12.44%vidya shankar aiyar
drill down 12.44%how to make a sign
drill down 12.44%pepper spray in chennai
drill down 12.44%memo for inspector general
drill down 12.44%hyderabadi girls at cheapest price
drill down 12.44%hyderabad girls looking for one night stand
drill down 12.44%butt fingering in crowded bus video

41 100.00%

And here's a report from June 26, 2009:

drill down 411.43%blank noise
drill down 38.57%noise
drill down 25.71%blank noise bangalore
drill down 25.71%section 354 ipc
drill down 25.71%blank noise india
drill down 25.71%ipc: section 354
drill down 25.71%black noise project
drill down 25.71%megha mahindru
drill down 12.86%eve teasing blog
drill down 12.86%shivaji nagar call girls in bangalore
drill down 12.86%night service hubli girls friends & aunties
drill down 12.86%pepper spray in bangalore
drill down 12.86%blanknoise
drill down 12.86%garment you
drill down 12.86%hot wife is is touching aman in crowded bus
drill down 12.86%section ipc 354
drill down 12.86%bangalore blogspot.com
drill down 12.86%free sexualrelation gujarati girl
drill down 12.86%personal pepper spray for ladies available in india
drill down 12.86%sale on kids garment kolkata shops 29th june 2009
drill down 12.86%misfortunute incident
drill down 12.86%laughing noise
drill down 12.86%overview of women bus conductors
drill down 12.86%how to make a sign

35 100.00%

I'm guessing quite a few people were surprised at where they ended up.


AP said...


Mohnish said...

now thats what i call Khoda chooha lekin nikla pahaad :)

Kings Chaos said...

Fair enough, best possible way to use technology to get their/anybodys attention, way to go :)